An efficient braking system protects not only the driver and his passengers, but also other road users. TOMEX Brakes has set itself the goal of continuously improving all the brake components it supplies so that they operate efficiently and effectively in all conditions.

The company’s products are subject to constant quality checks and tests at all stages of creation: from the purchase of raw materials and materials used in production, through mixing, pressing and grinding, to the packaging of the finished products. The pads, shoes and other brake accessories manufactured by TOMEX have the necessary certificates and approvals, and thanks to their high quality and reliability, reasonable prices and flexibility in our approach to customer needs, we compete successfully on the Polish and foreign markets.

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We are Poland’s most experienced manufacturer of brake pads and shoes, the country’s largest and one of Central Europe’s leading manufacturers of brake components for cars, trucks and buses. The company’s success is made up of key events in its history, by which it distinguishes itself from other manufacturers.


Establishment of TOMEX


Establishment of the Research & Development Department and Laboratory


Implementation of the first proprietary friction material


First quality system certification to ISO 9002:1996 for a brake pad manufacturer in Poland


The 100 millionth pad leaves the TOMEX factory


European ECE R-90 homologation (first ECE R-90 homologation granted in Poland)


Introduction of friction material scorching technology


  • Commissioning of the automated brake pad pressing line
  • Commissioning of the friction coefficient test rig and simulation of road conditions


  • Introduction of BREXEL branded pads, dedicated to trucks and buses
  • Obtaining the PN-EN ISO 14001:2005 certification


Commissioning of the fully automatic line for grinding and precision finishing of brake pad shapes


Commissioning of the TRIBO painting line


Commissioning of the second fully automatic brake pad production line.

TOMEX is an established supplier to aftermarket throughout Europe and beyond.