We provide services in the field of EDM wire EDM cutting, using a state-of-the-art 4-axis cutting machine manufactured by the Japanese SODICK corporation, a leader in this industry on the world market.
We carry out machining with SODICK ALC600G cutting machine with general parameters as:

  • Machine tool working space – feeds XYZ 600x400x350,
  • Maximum dimensions of the workpiece when cutting in immersion – 800x570x280,
  • Cone angle at 130 mm up to 15 degrees.

EDM cutting produces results and can be the best solution, in cases where machining is impossible, difficult or inefficient, due to the materials or geometries used.

We provide precision machined surfaces for steels of all hardnesses as well as sintered materials. Precision linear mechanisms help ensure accurate repeatability while providing high productivity.

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