HybriTech® is a highly efficient technology of hybrid-based fitting of brake shoes in motor-cars, consisting in applying two different phases as part of a single fitting cycle:

– phase 1, fitting at ambient temperature,

– phase 2, hot fitting at the temperature of 200°C.

Since this hybrid technology is a relatively new and unique solution, we had to modernise the composition of the friction material we have used so far and modify the technical parameters regarding preparing and forming of components, to implement it in our company. At the same time, it helped improve the durability, stability, and efficiency of the manufactured brake shoes.

The key component of the HybriTech® technology is the use of a “pre-mix” based on elastomer adhesive, which plays a significant role in the pro-adhesive action between the matrix and fillers, by increasing resistance to motion in the friction pair. It results in reducing the so-called temperature fading so preserving the efficiency of braking under high temperatures. In addition, it improves the damping properties of the composite material, which has an impact on the hysteresis component of the friction force (reducing the squealing occurring during breaking).

The additional advantage of the HybriTech® technology is a new way of transporting the raw material to the press hopper, which takes place via the Spyroflow system. This system prevents any contaminating of the surrounding environment and separating the friction mixture, which makes the technology eco-friendly.

With this technology, we offer all most popular references in Europe, such as TX 10-78, TX 10-781, TX 10-782, TX 11-84, TX 12-48, TX 12-70, TX 12-701, TX 12-702, TX 12-703, TX 14-39, TX 15-22, TX 16-15 and others.

HybriTech schemat