TOMEX, the manufacturer of brake pads and shoes

TOMEX Brakes is one of the largest manufacturers of brake components in Europe. Every year, more than 10 million brake pads, brake shoes and related accessories for cars and vans, as well as trucks and buses, leave the company’s production halls. Modern machinery, innovative technology and European standards allow us to offer a top-quality product.

Brake pads and discs

Brake pads are the basic part that makes up the disc brake system. In addition to brake discs, it is the component subject to the most extreme stresses during operation.
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Brake shoes

Brake shoes are fundamental parts of a drum brake system. Friction linings attached to the shoes are subjected to considerable pressure during braking.
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Speciality chemicals

State-of-the-art chemicals for brake system hygiene, degreasing and removal of contaminants. A well-cleaned system runs smoothly and does not expose the friction linings to faster-than-standard wear.
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Wear sensors

Brake pad condition monitoring component. Brake pad wear sensors help prevent the car from losing its ability to brake properly.
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Accessory kits

Complete accessory kits for fast and convenient installation of brake shoes. They guarantee correct operation of the system and also save time when replacing parts.
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ABS sensors

High-quality wheel speed sensors (ABS = Anti-Lock Braking System). ABS sensors have a direct impact on driving safety.

Continuous improvement

We have been supplying brakes for your car for over 40 years. Whether it is pads, shoes or related accessories, you can rest assured that we manufacture them to the highest global standards.

Our competence and innovation is a guarantee for the high quality of the product you ultimately receive.

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TOMEX brake pads were the first in Poland to receive ECE R-90 approval from PIMOT. Our product meets all safety standards and can be supplied to customers throughout the European Union. We achieved this as early as in 2002, i.e. 2 years before Poland joined the Community. The fact that we are the only manufacturer offering in this part of Europe such a wide range of brake pads that meet this requirement meant that we were noticed by global corporations, resulting in cooperation that continues to this day.

FAQ – Find out more

If you wish to expand your knowledge or are looking for the right solution, we answer the most frequently asked questions about the braking system below.

Are there sport versions of brake pads?

Yes, but they should not be used in commercial vehicles. These pads have completely different properties, primarily due to the extremely high disc temperatures generated by the frictional force. Such pads are manufactured specifically for this type of competition, they are softer and adapted precisely to high temperatures, so they wear out very quickly.

Does having ABS condition the purchase of other brake pads/shoes?

Very often ABS brake systems have different disc brake callipers and it is necessary to purchase brakes that are suitable for the car model.

How long should new brake pads be “bed-in”?

Standard brake pads should be bed-in for at least 300 km, not braking sharply but rather progressively and softly. In pads where scorching (heat treatment of the friction material) is used, bed-in is not necessary as this process eliminates the fading phase, i.e. the loss of effectiveness when the brakes are hot.

How to brake to extend the service life of brake blocks and shoes?

There is no general rule for that. Brakes are the guardians of our safety and we should not be stingy when it comes to them. In the mountain cycle, engine braking can sometimes be used, which will result in less pad wear.